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AEX Customers Tales - An Unexpected Delivery - AEX Toys

AEX Customers Tales - An Unexpected Delivery

I never expected to receive such an unexpected package.

As a bored housewife, my days were filled with monotonous tasks, and excitement was a luxury. But as soon as the doorbell rang, I felt a flutter in my heart that promised something different. My curiosity piqued, I answered the door to find a tall and muscular delivery man, who handed me a brown paper package.

"Good morning, ma'am," he said with a smile. "I have a package for you."

I took the package from him, and as I looked at the label, I realised I didn't recognise the sender's name. Curious, I opened it right there in front of the delivery man.

Inside the package was a sex toy of some kind, sleek and black. I gasped in surprise and embarrassment, turning red as I realised that the delivery man was still standing there, watching me.

"You ordered this?" he asked, his voice low and husky.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had....weeks ago

My husband, Marcus, was away on business, and we hadn't seen each other for weeks. My heart pounded with anticipation at the sleek black vibrator nestled inside.

As I turned to thank the delivery man, I found myself caught in his penetrating gaze. His eyes sparkled with understanding as if he sensed my hidden desires. I felt an impossible urge to invite him inside, i had got to know this delivery man as he did my route often, so without a second thought, I did. He was just about to clock off work, and gladly came inside.

The air was thick with tension as we sat across each other. I knew it was foolish to invite a stranger into my home, but I couldn't help but feel drawn to him. His name was Aaron, and he was charming and flirtatious, with a body that put most men to shame.

We talked about things we cared about, like music, movies, and sports. It was like time stood still as we shared a bottle of wine, and I found myself undeniably drawn to him. Before I knew it, we were in my bedroom, and I felt a thrill of excitement course through my veins.

Aaron whispered things in my ear that I never thought I'd hear. He spoke of desires and fantasies that awakened a fire within me. We kissed passionately as I felt his strong hands on my body, making me surrender to his touch willingly.

I could feel his breath on my skin as he traced a line from my neck to my breast. I was aching for him, wanting to feel him inside me. A moan escaped my lips as he took me, and I lost myself to the sensations, primal and intense, until I reached ultimate pleasure.

As he left, we both knew that what had occurred was forbidden. But we also knew how profound it was. I couldn't help but think that this was just a glimpse into the erotic fantasies that had been hidden within me for so long. I knew that it had opened up a world of possibilities, one where my desires could take flight. And with that thought, I knew that excitement and pleasure were no longer luxuries, but now, they were within the realm of possibilities.



"Not my real name, but all very true. This encounter happened 10 years ago now, it opened up my impulses and desires. One memory i will never forget

AEX loyal customer"

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